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Deborah Jang Studio

Plot Twist

Plot Twist

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Wall-mounted assemblage sculpture.
Height: 18" × Width: 26" X Depth: 1.5"
Can be hung in multiple directions, as shown.

Here's a piece that might tickle vour fancy. Plot Twist -- with its informal balance, quirky composition, and upcycled parts - is meant to delight the eye and evoke the imagination. Do you get an impression of an insect wing, a twisted copter blade, a mutant milkweed? Or just an intriguing, pleasing composition that could enliven a space in vour home or office?

Repurposed wood, metal, and plastic components, including game board, ceiling fan blade, embroidery hoop, decorative sconce, wooden balestrade, aluminum doo-dad.

**If you need this sculpture to be shipped, please request a shipping quote before purchasing. You can also use the contact form to arrange pick-up or delivery options.** 

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