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Deborah Jang Studio

Fringe Element

Fringe Element

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Wall-mounted assemblage sculpture.
Height: 17" X Width: 27" X Depth: 3"
Can be hung in multiple directions, as shown.

For the adventurous art lover who enjoys unusual and captivating creations, Fringe Element introduces a unique element -- the brush/broom head, with its bristles and suspect fringiness. The healing hand shape appears to be holding an odd assortment of cards, creating further intrigue. The informal balance and quirky composition are meant to delight the eye and startle the imagination. It is an offbeat abstract composition that delights the eye, inspires conversation, and activates a space in your home or office.

Repurposed wood and metal components, including game board, embroidery hoop, ceiling fan blades, salad utensil, wooden handle, brush/broom head, miscellaneous doo-dads.

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