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Deborah Jang Studio

What the Heck?!

What the Heck?!

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Wall-mounted assemblage sculpture.
Height: 24" X Width: 19" X Depth: 3"
Can be hung in multiple directions, as shown

What the Heck?! embodies a spirit of play and whimsy. Depending on how you look at it, you might recognize a wild exotic blooming flower, the aftermath of a cyclone, or a creature enmeshed in a collection of random parts on the hunt for a helping of corned beef hash -- or simply a quirky, irrepressible outburst of joy from the artist's heart and hands to vour home. Eniov the freedom and uniqueness of this creation. it will add spice to any environment

Repurposed wood and metal components, including broom head, corned beef cabbage crate panel, wall decor, steel nails, wood scrap, drawer pull, misc metal doo-dads.

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