Artist Statement for Regis University show

Making art is a way of life that arises from and leads to the joy of recognition and discovery, for both the artist and the viewer. It is also an adventure in problem solving, where the 'next step' is not prescribed or formulaic, but rather presents itself in the form of infinite possibilities. This is a compelling occupation that takes me out into the world, with all its intriguing commotion, and then brings me back to the inner recesses of my solitude and imagination.

This body of work exemplifies my longstanding affinity with used materials and objects that show their age. It is about the elegance of imperfection as well as quirky unions. I delight in gathering different components and bringing them together as strange bedfellows. In this series, there are also elements of tipsiness, resolution, spontaneity, and playfulness. 

It is an honor and privilege, and also a bit unnerving, to spill one's creative guts on public display. Yet there is a vitality engendered in the act of offering it up and sharing unique expressions of randomness and serendipity -- when disparate things come together in ways we might never have suspected to form entirely new structures and possibilities.

Deborah Jang
March 2013